This is the open access version of Legal Studies 551: Introduction to Legislative Drafting which is the first of five courses in a program of study leading to the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Legislative Drafting offered by Athabasca University. (The fifth course, LGST 559, consists of one major drafting project and is not available through open access.) This version of LGST 551 contains all the materials in the course except the drafting project assignments which are assessed and are only available to students who enroll for credit. It is recommended that these four courses (LGST 551, 553, 555, and 557) be studied in that order.

There is a Detailed Hyperlinked Table of Contents for all four open access courses.

Legal Studies 551: Introduction to Legislative Drafting focuses on the nature of legislation and on the steps in preparing legislation in common law jurisdictions, using legislative punctuation and grammar, and drafting legislative sentences. You will develop drafting skills and become familiar with approaches to legislative drafting that are typical in common law jurisdictions.