This is the open access version of Legal Studies 555: Drafting Preliminary, Amending, and Final Provisions which is the third of five courses in a program of study leading to the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Legislative Drafting offered by Athabasca University. (The fifth course, LGST 559, consists of one major drafting project and is not available through open access.) This version of LGST 555 contains all the materials in the course except the drafting project assignments which are assessed and are only available to students who enroll for credit.

There is a Detailed Hyperlinked Table of Contents for all four open access courses.

It is recommended that these four courses (LGST 551, 553, 555, and 557) be studied in that order. Based on that assumption, in this course students will apply their drafting skills developed in previous courses in more complex tasks. This course will focus on provisions that appear at the beginning or end of a legislative text to perform mainly technical functions. Most of these do not contain substantive rules of law. But they play important functions in establishing the authenticity of the legislation, in supporting its operation and use and in ensuring that new legislation is compatible with existing legislation. These provisions include titles, preambles, commencement and duration provisions, interpretation provisions, purpose clauses, application provisions and schedules.