This is the open access version of LGST 479 Local Government Law in Alberta, a Legal Studies course at Athabasca University.

Local governments are most closely connected to the citizens they represent. The municipality plays a critical role in providing services that impact people most in their day to day lives, whether it be through the roads that people drive upon or the collection of waste. No other level of government affects the lives of its residents as directly and as often as does the municipal level.

The role of the Alberta municipality is broad. Councils must not only make determinations about which services are necessary for the greater good of the community, but they must also make decisions about how to fund those services.

The role of the municipality is also a balancing act. A municipality’s purpose is to provide services or facilities that it believes are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality. However, it must weigh the good for all or part of the community against the costs for other parts or other citizens. This course considers all of these issues within the context of the relevant law.