Mathematics 265
Introduction to Calculus I (OP)


Mathematics 265
Introduction to Calculus I (OP)

Mathematics 265

Introduction to Calculus I

Sample Examinations for Practice

We present samples of a midterm and final examinations for you to practice. Please be aware that the actual examinations for this course may be vastly different to these samples. Doing well in a practice exam is no guaranty of a passing mark when doing the exams.

Use these samples to prepare for the course examinations. We recommend you

  • to set a quite place to do the exams and time yourself. Pretend you are in an examination room.
  • to start with the questions you know best. Clearly identify the question you are answering.
  • to take note of the time you spend doing the exam. If you go over the 3 hours recommended do not stop, keep working and take note of the time you needed to finish.
  • to take note of the number of times you need to consult your textbook or Study Guide.
  • to pay attention on how easily you find what you are looking for.

Once you finish the exam, grade yourself and be critical, that is, put yourself in the place of the marker. Grade yourself with the solutions and marking scheme provided. Ask yourself

  • is the exam clear and legible?
  • are the calculations correct?
  • are there any missing steps?
  • what can I do to improve my grades?
  • what can I do to be more efficient with my time?

Review weak concepts and any material that is not clear yet.

Sample Midterm Examination

Sample Midterm Examination Answer Key

Sample Final Examination

Sample Final Examination Answer Key

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