HADM 315
Health and Community Development (OCW_Rev. C4)


HADM 315
Health and Community Development (OCW_Rev. C4)

Health Administration 315



Banner photographs: Left; Volunteers building homes at the Venamulla tsunami housing project, Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement/Flickr. CC BY. Centre; Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative members Lucenia Ortiz and Yvonne Chui, © Athabasca University. Right; Syrian refugee woman on the Turkish border, © UNFPA Flickr. CC BY-NC-ND.

Course Coordinators: Joy Fraser, Jane Arscott
Subject Matter Experts: Michael Bopp, Judie Bopp
Learning Designer: Hongxin Yan
Course Production Editor: Jonathan Leggo
Visual Communication Designer: Margaret Anderson

Course Production Assistance provided by Multimedia Web Specialists, FHSS Course Production.

This version of Health Administration 315: Health and Community Development was funded in part by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education's Campus Alberta Open Educational Resources Initiative (ABOER).

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