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Beginner Spanish OER

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Las medidas

The Liberal federal government of Pierre Trudeau the Metric system in Canada in the early 70's. By the mid-1970s, metric product labelling was introduced and street signs started to change, yet it is still very common to see dual labelling, and some individuals have never really adopted the metric system outside of distances and velocities. Due to this we are presenting both systems and their associated vocabulary. Remember that in the Spanish speaking world, aside from the southern United States, everyone uses the Metric system exclusively.

Unidades métricas

  • metro (metre)
  • centímetro (centimetre)
  • milímetro (millimetre)
  • kilómetro (kilometre)
  • hectárea (hectare)
  • kilo, kilogramo (kilo, kilogram)
  • gramo (gram)
  • tonelada (tonne)
  • litro (litre)
  • centilitro (centilitre)
  • mililitro (millilitre)

Unidades imperiales

  • onza (ounce)
  • libra (pound)
  • tonelada (ton)
  • pulgada (inch)
  • pie (foot)
  • yarda (yard)
  • milla (mile)
  • acre (acre)
  • pinta (pint)
  • galón (gallon)
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