LGST 249
Legal Literacy (OCW)


LGST 249
Legal Literacy (OCW)

Legal Studies 249 Legal Literacy

Course Outline and Study Guide



Legal Literacy is a course in Legal Studies at Athabasca University which has been designed for individualized study, in which you study at your own pace.

The course will provide you with practical legal knowledge that will be useful to you in all areas of your life where you may encounter law and legal institutions.

This Outline and Study Guide is designed to supply you with essential information about the course. Before you begin your course work, read it carefully. When you have completed studying this course, we hope that you will consider enrolling in courses in Legal Studies at Athabasca University.

What does the course consist of?

Legal Studies 249: Legal Literacy has two components described below.

Study Materials: The textbook is Legal Literacy: An Introduction to Legal Studies by Archie Zariski (AUPress, 2014). The readings from the text are given in each Unit of the course and at the end of each unit is a list of optional additional readings for further study.

Quizzes: Short quizzes are included after each unit in the study materials. They are designed to check your understanding of what you have learned in the unit and you will receive automatic feedback upon submitting your answers. Your learning will be improved if you submit the best answer you are capable of before viewing the correct answers. The quizzes are not assessed and do not contribute to your mark in the course. Similar questions will be on the final exam.

Course Outline

This outline gives you an overview of how the course is structured and the topics that are covered: The study materials consist of 8 units. Each unit covers a specific topic related to legal literacy, identifies the learning objectives to be achieved, and gives the reading for that unit. Each unit has a non-assessed quiz to help you review what you have learned.

Unit Outline

The Study Materials on this website include the objectives to be achieved in each of the 8 units. At the end of each unit are quizzes. Try to answer them before moving on to the next unit. Here are the topics covered in this course:

Unit 1 Procedural Justice, Adversarialism and Legal Literacy

Unit 2 Legal Structures

Unit 3 Legal Systems

Unit 4 Legal Processes and Procedures

Unit 5 Legal Language

Unit 6 Legal Research

Unit 7 Legal Interpretation

Unit 8 Legal Communication

Course Team

Course Coordinator: Archie Zariski

Author: Archie Zariski

Instructional Media Analyst: Konrad Michalski (Rev. C1)

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