Beginner Spanish OER


Beginner Spanish OER

Información general

Unit 7 - When not working or studying
(Coffee, lunch, dinner, bars, movies, etc.)

Information General

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit, you you will be able to:

  • Discuss food, menus, diets and recipes
  • Order food in a restaurant/cafe
  • talk about activities in progress
  • talk about food
  • do shopping for food (weights, quantities, ripeness, etc.)


  • basic food and drink vocabulary
  • measurements
  • entertainment activities


  • stem changing o→ue
  • the verb ser contrasted with the verb estar with adjectives (alternate meanings)
  • preposiciones de lugar
  • el gerundio
  • present progressive
  • irregular groups of verbs


  • Hispanic Country: Chile
  • Cities:
  • Hispanics of Influence:
  • Hispanocanadian Author/Artist:
  • Discover Country: Atacama desert, Torres de Paine
  • Discover Canada – Waterton National Park
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