Beginner Spanish OER


Beginner Spanish OER

Unit 1 - Lo básico

Information General

Learning Outcomes

At the end of Unit 1, you should be able to:

  • introduce yourself
  • introduce people to one another
  • participate in the basic exchange of information about yourself
  • use numbers from 0 to 100
  • differentiate cognates and false cognates
  • recognize and respond to basic commands in class


  • llamase, ser, haber, tener
  • cómo te llamas, 
  • cómo estas, 
  • de dónde eres, 
  • hay personas en…, 
  • tengo diez años
  • ask pre-formulated questions
  • cognates
  • subject pronouns    


  • salutations
  • numbers to 100
  • items that students use in their immediate environment (in class, in home office)
  • cognates
  • learn specific classroom /course instructions (imperative – no explanation)


  • The People: Cristina Saralegui, Gustavo Santaolalla, Robert Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Jorge Ramos, Sara Martinez Tucker, Ysrael Seinuk.
  • The Southern United States
  • The hispanic presence in Canada
  • Grasslands National Park
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