LGST 553
Legislative Structure, Style and Limits (OCW)


LGST 553
Legislative Structure, Style and Limits (OCW)

Commonwealth of Learning Copyright and Credits

Commonwealth of Learning
Copyright & Credits

Creative Commons License

The Study Materials contained in this course are licensed by The Commonwealth of Learning under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Acknowledgements for materials

Permission has been sought and given, as indicated, to reproduce the following materials for the purposes of this Course.


Commonwealth of Australia:

  • Crimes Act 1914 (section 15T)
  • Social Security Act 1991, No.46 (Readers’ Guide)
  • Fisheries Management Act 1991, No.162 (section 2)
  • Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Act 1992, No.22
  • Deer Export Charge Act 1992, No.31
  • Endangered Species Protection (Consequential Amendments) Act 1992, No.195
  • Radiocommunications Act 1992, No.174 (sections 43-45; 154-163)
  • Legislative Instruments Bill 1994

All Commonwealth of Australia legislative material herein is reproduced by permission but does not purport to be the official or authorised version. It is subject to Commonwealth of Australia copyright. The Copyright Act 1968 permits repro­duction and publication of Commonwealth legislation. In particular, s.182A of the Act enables a complete copy to be made by or on behalf of a particular person. For reproduction or publication beyond that permitted by the Act, permission should be sought in writing from AusInfo. Requests in the first instance should be addressed to the Manager, Legislative Services, AusInfo, GPO Box 1920, Canberra ACT 2601.

Format of Cabinet Submissions

Cabinet Office, Cabinet Handbook, 4th edition, AGPS, Canberra, 1994

Commonwealth of Australia copyright reproduced by permission.

New South Wales

  • Adoption Information Act 1990 (section 3)

Copyright © New South Wales Government and reproduced with permission.


  • Queensland Peaceful Assembly Act 1992

Excerpts from the Queensland Peaceful Assembly Act 1992, No.38 in this publication are reproduced by the permission of the Queensland Government Printer, T/A GOPRINT, Locked Bag 500, Coorparoo, Queensland 4151, Australia.


  • Royal Botanic Gardens Act 1991, No.87 (sections 2, 3 & 10, Schedules 1-3)

Crown Copyright material. Reproduced by permission of the Government Printer of the State of Victoria. First published by The Law Printer, P.O. Box 334, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051

This document is not an official copy of Crown Copyright material and the State of Victoria accepts no responsibility for its accuracy.


  • Debtors Act (1904), Cap.198, section 14
  • Housing Act (1956), Cap.226, section 26
  • Marriage Act (1904), Cap.218, section 12
  • Married Women (Separation and Maintenance) Act (1950), Cap.220, section 4

Permission for reproduction and use granted.


  • Interpretation Act, C.1-21 (section 46)

Automatic copyright clearance pursuant to the Reproduction of Federal Law Order, SI/97-5


  • Second-Hand Dealers Act 1992
  • Liquor Act 1963, sections 42 to 44
  • Trespass of Animals Act 1955

Permission for use granted.Grenada

  • Freedom of Movement Act 1986, No.6

Permission for use granted

Hong Kong

  • Preparation of drafting instructions

Copyright of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Permission to reproduce, include and use the extracts in these course materials granted.


  • Preparation and Presentation of Legislation

Copyright of the Government of Jamaica


  • Public Holidays (Amendment) Act 1984, No.2

Copyright release granted for publication in course materials.


  • Interpretation Acts, 1948 and 1967, Act 388, section 18

Official texts of legislation are not subject to the Copyright Act 1987 of Malaysia

New Zealand

  • Smoke-Free Environment Act, 1990, No.108 (Analysis & sections 1 - 2)

Copyright in this Act is owned by the Crown. The material is copied in these course materials with the permission of the Crown.


  • African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, Cap.10
  • Federal Highways Act, Cap.135
  • Harmful Waste (Special Criminal Provisions, Etc.) Act 1988
  • Tobacco Smoking (Control) Decree 1990, No.20
  • Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Tinted Glass) Decree 1991, No.6

Copyright release granted for publication in these materials.


  • Methylated Spirits Act 1983

Copyright release granted for publication in these course materials.

United Kingdom

  • Welsh Language Act 1967, c.66 (preamble)
  • Road Traffic Act 1974, c.50 (sections 161-162)
  • Race Relations Act 1974, c.74 (sections 1 & 3(1))
  • Legal Aid Act 1988, c.34 (Schedule 7)

Crown Copyright legislation is reproduced under the terms of the Crown Copyright Policy Guidance issued by the HMSO.

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