Computer Science
Green Information and Communications Technology Strategies


Computer Science
Green Information and Communications Technology Strategies

Unit 4: Procurement and Management Support

Learning Activities

The following tasks are required of you for this section:

  1. Study the Seminar notes for this section. Do the exercise, and follow up with the additional readings until you feel you are ready to meet the learning outcomes for this section.
  2. Answer the study questions in your own notes. You can also post comments or queries on the study questions in the General Discussion Forum. Be sure to stay subscribed to this forum so that you do not miss posts from other learners.
  3. Submit an answer to one of the discussion questions in the Section 4.2 Discussion.
    Note: The forum is set up so that you have to submit your answer to a discussion question before you can read the answers provided by your fellow learners:
    1. Question: Describe the quality management process of your organization (or an organization of your choice). Is the organization formally certified under ISO 9001 or some other system? How might such a certification process be used for furthering green ICT aims (maximum three paragraphs)?

    2. Question: Version 5.0 of the Energy Star Specification for Computers sets different power limits for different types of single user computers: desktop, integrated desktop, thin client, notebook, work station. Draft a policy for your chosen organization, proposing to lower energy use and costs by matching the computer to the user's needs. Include an estimate of the energy and cost savings for your chosen organization over three years (maximum three paragraphs).

    3. Question: Using the Energy Star Enterprise Servers Program Requirements as a guide, how would you recommend that your chosen organization minimize energy use from enterprise servers (maximum three paragraphs)?

  4. Post a response to the postings of at least one of your fellow learners.
  5. Add or edit at least one entry in the Student-created Glossary.
  6. Complete the self-test, which has randomized questions, as many times as you wish. You will get a slightly different set of questions each time.
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