Computer Science
Green Information and Communications Technology Strategies


Computer Science
Green Information and Communications Technology Strategies

Unit 3: Business/IS Strategy and Planning

Section 3.2: Improving Energy Efficiency

In this section we will continue our study of business/IS strategy and planning. We will look at ways to improve data centre efficiency and will look at the European Union Guidelines for managing data centres.

The Green Grid is a global consortium of IT companies and professionals seeking to improve energy efficiency in data centres and business computing ecosystems around the globe. The organization seeks to unite global industry efforts to standardize a common set of metrics, processes, methods, and new technologies to further its common goals. The Green Grid also produces a number of papers with respect to ICT operations.

The European Commission issued a Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency on October 30, 2008 (Version 1.0). The EU Guidelines provide a detailed approach to implementing and assessing the implementation of proposals.

Key Concepts and Terms. It is important to understand the terminology used in business/IS strategy and planning. You need to be able to communicate both within the ICT profession and also within the wider business community.

As you work your way through the assigned readings and the additional readings that you and your colleagues identify, record any terms and concepts that you find particularly interesting in the Student-created Glossary. Others can view and edit the terms you enter, and of course, you can view and edit the terms that others enter. Don’t forget to list and cite any information sources you use in either APA or the IEEE style.

Learning Outcomes

When you have completed this section, you should be able to recommend measures to assess data centre efficiency.

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