Computer Science
Green Information and Communications Technology Strategies


Computer Science
Green Information and Communications Technology Strategies

Unit 1: Politics, Science, and Business of Sustainability

Ethical Behaviour

You are expected to use the discussion forums ethically at all times. Material posted should be relevant to the purpose of the forum and should not contain material that

  • is offensive,
  • breaches copyright, and/or
  • is confidential to an employer, business, or government organization.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software.  Its reliability has been found comparable to that of other general reference works.

Like any encyclopedia, it is a good starting point in your search for high-quality information and a good source for simple definitions. However,  an encyclopedia entry is not considered an appropriate source if you are writing an academic essay.

Likewise, Wikipedia is not the best source to cite in your postings to the discussion forums. It can point you to good sources to read and cite in your postings.

Documenting Sources

You are encouraged to share articles and information in an ethical way—for any information that it is appropriate to share, you need to cite and list all sources. For consistency, you should use either the the APA (American Psychological Association) style or IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) style.

Important: Plagiarism (the use of another person’s work without acknowledging the source) is a serious offence that invokes serious academic penalties as well as lasting damage to one’s reputation as a writer and/or researcher. This applies to intellectual property both in print and online.

Referring to published works, including those available online, is in itself not an offence. In fact, you are encouraged to read widely and to refer to as many sources as you can. However, using any work without acknowledging its source or attempting to present someone else’s material as your own work is a serious offense. Practicing scrupulous documentation of sources in your discussion postings is excellent practice for professional life.

There are many free tools online to help you organize and cite sources. Please share any you find useful in the General Discussion Forum.  

You should also be conscious of unnecessary digital “noise” created by frivolous discussions. Use the Chatroom or personal messages/emails for topics not directly related to the course.

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