Legal Studies 479
Local Government Law in Alberta (OCW)


Legal Studies 479
Local Government Law in Alberta (OCW)

Local Government Law in Alberta

Course Outline



This open course is based upon LGST 479 Local Government Law in Alberta, a credit course in Legal Studies at Athabasca University. The credit course may be taken for credit on its own, or as part of another program. The course has been designed for individualized study, in which you study at your own pace.

The course is designed to provide you with practical legal knowledge that will be useful to you if you work within municipalities or in other areas of your life where you may encounter municipal institutions.

This Course Outline is designed to supply you with essential information about the course and how to study it successfully.

We hope you enjoy this open course and find it helpful. We also hope that you will consider enrolling for credit in this or other Legal Studies courses.

What does the course comprise?

Study Guide:

There is no textbook. This course website contains the content to be studied, divided into eight units.

Web links to case law and other online resources pertinent to the course are included throughout the Study Guide. It is advised that you peruse these readings and familiarize yourself with the information provided in the web links.

Course Objectives

Each unit covers a specific topic related to local government law in Alberta, and identifies the learning objectives to be achieved. After completing this course, students should be able to

  1. explain the basics of the law relating to municipalities, particularly in Alberta;
  2. describe the duties, responsibilities, and limitations of municipalities;
  3. explain the functions of municipalities and the scope of their authority; and
  4. work effectively with and in municipalities, and other agencies that interconnect with municipalities, such as utility providers.

Unit Outline

The Study Guide on this website includes the objectives to be achieved in each of the eight units:

  • Unit 1: Local Government Authority
  • Unit 2: Municipalities and Changes in Their Status
  • Unit 3: Municipal Councils and Bylaws
  • Unit 4: Municipal Finances
  • Unit 5: Public Utility Services
  • Unit 6: Transportation in Municipalities
  • Unit 7: Land Use and Planning
  • Unit 8: Intergovernmental Relations

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