Math Support for Calculus


Math Support for Calculus

Downloading Files

Download all module files

Download this compressed file if you plan on creating your own content. You should maintain the folder structure that is contained in the compressed file so that you do not destroy the associations between files. You will need to use WinZip (Windows-based OS) or StuffIt (MAC OS) to open the compressed file.

Static Content Files

These files include the static content files (xhtml and html files)

  • content.html/content.xhtml
  • example.html/example.xhtml
  • glossary.html/glossary.xhtml
  • index.html
  • Introduction.html
  • Instruction.html
  • review.html/review.xhtml
  • woacassess.html

and the credits and help files:

  • credit.htm
  • help.htm
  • userhelp.html
  • develophelp.html
  • instructorhelp.html

You will need to add your own content to these files. You may need to revise the information in the help files if you do not plan on using MathML. The browser and font information relate to the use of MathML in the Math Support for Calculus modules.

Dynamic Content Files

There are four collections of dynamic files: assessment, pre-test, exercise, and tutorial.

Other Files

  • Stylesheets (css)
  • JavaScript Navigation menu (js)
  • Interface files (graphic files such as gifs, jpegs, pngs)

XML Form

You can download the xml form files here. Alternatively you can open the files from this location.

Open the XML form in Internet Explorer. This form was adapted from the original that is available at
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