Beginner Spanish OER


Beginner Spanish OER

Capstone Assignment 7B, Part II

Beginner Spanish

Capstone Assignment 7B

Part II: Vamos a cenar al restaurante

Due: When you complete Unit 7

Weight: 1.5%

Requirements: This assignment requires you to work in pairs. To find a homework partner, use the forum in Capstone Assignment 7B, Part I: Looking for a partner.

Length: Write at least twenty complete sentences of a conversation in Spanish using complete, grammatically correct sentences and a recording of the dialogue.


Vamos al restaurant!

After a long day at work, you decide that you don’t want to cook this evening. So, you will reward yourself, and will go out for dinner at your preferred restaurant. You and your homework partner will role play an interaction between a restaurant customer and server.

For this assignment you first have to find a homework partner in the Capstone Assignment 7B, Part I forum: Looking for a partner.

Before working on your assignment watch the following video:


  1. Make sure you incorporate, as much as possible, the skills, grammar, and vocabulary that you have studied in this unit and the previous ones.
    • Before you start working on this assignment, review your notes from this and previous units.
    • Make sure you both incorporate, as much as possible, the skills, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects that you studied in this and previous units into your conversation.
  2. Write your conversation with your homework partner.
    • With your homework partner, write at least 20 complete sentences in Spanish. Be sure to include the following points in your conversation.
      • A brief server introduction/welcome/salutation
      • Selection of a table
      • Discussion of the menu
      • Questions about the drinks
      • Selection of drink
      • Questions about the entrees
      • Selection of an entree
      • Questions about the different dishes the customer prefers
      • Selection of the main dish
      • Questions about dessert
      • Selection of a dessert
      • Feel free to include more meal choices
      • The server must check on the customer to make sure things are OK while the customer is having dinner
      • Asking for the bill
      • Paying the bill
    • Use one of the three following menus, and make sure to indicate which menu you chose when you submit your assignment.
    • You will submit this assignment publicly and it will be visible to all the students in the course.
    • Before recording your assignment, make sure you read and review it together.
  3. After writing your conversation, record your conversation with your homework partner.
    • Make arrangements with your homework partner to discuss how and when you will record your conversation.
    • You and your homework partner should practice your script and pronunciation before recording it to improve your outcome and get better marks.
    • Use whichever technology you prefer for the recording. There are many ways to record your conversation at a distance, including cellphones, Skype, Google, etc.
    • Before submitting your assignment, make sure the audio file can be opened with the built-in software in PC or Macintosh so that your tutor and others can listen to it. If you can, transform the file into MP3 or MP4 format.
    • You might be able to save your audio file as MP3 directly with the software you are using; otherwise, you can use Audacity to export your file as an MP3 audio file.
  4. Post your assignment in this forum.
    • Post your assignment in this forum. Include both your written conversation and the corresponding recording. Don’t forget to include your name and your homework partner’s name in both files.
    • After posting your assignment in this forum, you will have a 30 minute window to make any change, if needed.
    • After the 30 minute editing window expires, you will automatically have access to all previous assignments submitted by your peers.
    • Feel free to read and listen to your peers’ submissions, and to provide respectful and constructive feedback.
  5. Submit your assignment in the corresponding assignment drop box individually.
    • After submitting your assignment to the forum, both members of the group must submit the assignment individually in the corresponding assignment drop box on the main course page.
    • Include the Word file with the written conversation and also the sound file including the recording of the conversation.
    • Do not forget to include your homework partner’s name, and indicate which role was performed by you and which by your partner (i.e., customer and server).
    • This submission is mandatory. If you do not submit your assignment in drop box individually, your tutor won’t be able to mark your work and assign you a grade.


  1. A written conversation.

    You and your homework partner will decide who plays the server role and who will play the customer.

  2. A recording of the conversation.

For marking purposes, both members of the group will also have to submit the written component and the recording individually in the corresponding assignment drop box.

Click on Submissions to post your work.

Note: When the 30 minute period for editing your post has expired, you will be able to access submissions from your peers. Feel free to read your peers’ descriptions, and provide positive and respectful feedback of their work.

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