Beginner Spanish OER


Beginner Spanish OER

Capstone Assignment 7B, Part I

Beginner Spanish

Capstone Assignment 7B

Part I: Looking for a Partner

Due: When you finish lesson 3, Unit 7.

Weight: This activity is in preparation for Capstone Assignment 7B, Part II. There are no marks for Part I.


Use this forum to find a partner to work with on the second part of this assignment.

  • First, read the instructions for Capstone Assignment 7B, Part II: Vamos a cenar al restaurante.
  • For Part II of this assignment you will work in pairs. Use this forum to find a homework partner to complete the assignment.
  • Review the forum to see if there are any invitations to which you can reply.
  • If there are no available invitations, post your own invitation. It is important that you send your invitation as early as possible so that you find someone to work with for the assignment.
  • When you post your invitation, be explicit about when you estimate you will be ready to work on this assignment and about your availability.
  • Once you find a homework partner, make the corresponding arrangements privately with your peer. Don’t publish your telephone number, your address, or any sensitive personal information in this forum. You might want to get in touch with your homework partner by email to make the final arrangements privately.
  • Also, once you find a partner, make it explicit in your forum thread that you have already found someone to work with so that other students don’t contact you.

To post your invitation, click on the ‘Add a new discussion topic’ button below.


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