Beginner Spanish OER


Beginner Spanish OER

Capstone Assignment 1C: Introduce a Friend

Beginner Spanish

Capstone Assignment 1C: Introduce a Friend

Due: After completing Capstone Assignment 1B: Introduce Yourself.

Weight: %

Length: A minimum of 10 complete sentences in Spanish to introduce a friend.


For this assignment, you have to introduce one of your friends. Feel free to make up as much information you want, and don’t use anyone’s personal information, as your assignment will be submitted publicly in this forum.

Pretend for a moment that you have to introduce one of your friends in public. You are expected to mention his/her basic information, such as his/her name, city and country of origin, occupation, academic background, etc.


  1. Make sure you incorporate, as much as possible, the skills, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects that you have studied in Unit 1.
    • Before you start working on this assignment, please go back to the beginning of Unit 1, and revisit the Información General chart, which contains the learning outcomes, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects for Unit 1. Incorporating these components is an important aspect of the criteria to evaluate your assignment.
  2. Write your friend’s introduction.
    • Write a minimum of 10 sentences in Spanish to introduce your friend. Feel free to make up as much information as you want. Remember, this assignment is going to be submitted publicly and can be read by everyone. So, make sure you don’t include sensitive personal information.
    • Make sure you review your writing before you proceed with the recording.
  3. Record your introduction.
    • Practice your script and pronunciation before recording your introduction to improve your outcome and get better marks.
    • Use whichever technology you prefer for the recording. There are many ways to record your conversation at a distance, including cellphones, Skype, Google, etc. Click here to learn more.
  4. After recording your friend’s introduction, make sure your audio file is saved as or converted to the universal MP3 format.
    • Before submitting your assignment, make sure the audio file can be opened with the built-in software in PC or Macintosh so that your tutor and others can listen to it. If you can, transform the file into MP3 or MP4 format.
    • You might be able to save your audio file as MP3 directly with the software you are using; otherwise, you can use Audacity to export your file as a MP3 audio file.
  5. Post your assignment in this forum.
    • Once you finish writing and recording your friend’s introduction, post your assignment files in this forum. Make sure you include both the file with the written introduction and the file that contains the recording.
    • After posting your assignment, you will have a 30 minute window to make any changes.
    • After the 30 minute editing window expires, you will automatically have access to all the previous posts submitted by your peers.
    • Feel free to read and listen to your peers’ submissions, and to provide respectful and constructive feedback.
  6. Notify your tutor.
    • After you submit your assignment, open your post and copy the URL.
    • Send this URL to your tutor in an email to notify him/her of your submission.
    •  Give your tutor a couple of days to mark your assignment, and then come back to the forum to see your mark.


  1. A written version of the introduction in a Word file.
  2. A recording of the introduction in MP3 format.

Click on Submissions to post your work.

Note: When the 30 minute period for editing your post has expired, you will be able to access submissions from your peers. Feel free to read your peers’ descriptions, and provide positive and respectful feedback of their work.

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