Physics 302
Vibrations and Waves


Physics 302
Vibrations and Waves

Study Guide


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Unit 1—Introduction and Tools
Topics: Periodic Phenomena (Oscillations, Waves), SHO, Complex Notation, Differential Equations, Physical Pendulum

Unit 2—Oscillations
Topics: Beats, Damped Free Oscillations (Under- Over- and Critically Damped), Quality Q

Unit 3—Forced Oscillations
Topic: Forced Oscillations with Damping

Unit 4—Forced Vibrations and Resonance
Topics: Forced Oscillations, Power at Resonance (Resonance Absorption, Resonance Width, Quality Q). Transient Phenomena (General Solutions including Initial Conditions)

Unit 5—Normal Modes
Topic: Coupled Oscillators

Unit 6—Driven Coupled Systems
Topics: Driven Coupled Oscillators, Triple Pendulum, Steady State and Transient Solutions, Cramer's Rule

Unit 7—Wave Equation
Topics: Many Coupled Oscillators, Wave Equation, Transverse Traveling Pulses and Waves

Unit 8—Waves
Topics: Traveling Waves, Boundary Conditions, Standing Waves, Sound (Longitudinal Waves), Energy in Waves

Unit 9—Bounded Waves
Topics: Musical Instruments, Sound Cavities, Normal Modes

Unit 10—Fourier Techniques
Topics: Fourier Analysis, Time Evolution of Pulses on Strings

Unit 11—Dispersive Waves
Topics: Dispersion, Phase Velocity, Group Velocity

Unit 12—Spatial Combination of Waves I
Topics: Huygens' Principle, Interference, Thin films, Soap, Oil, Light (Double Slit Interference)

Unit 13—Spatial Combination of Waves II
Topics: Wave-Particle Duality, Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, Molecular Vibrations

Unit 14—Doppler Effect
Topics: Doppler Effect, Sound, EM Radiation, Binary Stars, Neutron Stars and Black Holes, Expanding Universe

Unit 15—Resonant Cavities
Topics: Wave Guides, Resonance Cavities of EM Radiation and Sound