IDRL 308
Occupational Health and Safety (OCW_Rev. C6)


IDRL 308
Occupational Health and Safety (OCW_Rev. C6)

Course Information

Course Materials

The course materials for IDRL 308 include the items listed below. Besides the textbook, all of the course materials can be accessed via your course website.


Foster, J., & Barnetson, B. (2016). Health and safety in Canadian workplaces. Edmonton, AB: Athabasca University Press.

Note: This textbook is available for free online here.  While you will be linked back to this page any time you are required to read a selected chapter of this book in the Study Guide, it is a good idea to keep a copy of the PDF on your desktop or reading device. You may purchase the hardcopy version at AU Press.

Course Information

The online Course Information, which you are now reading, contains the evaluation criteria, a suggested study schedule, and other specific, course-based information you will need to complete IDRL 308 successfully. If you have any other questions about the course or how to proceed with your studies, please contact your tutor.

Study Guide

The Study Guide contains the four units that comprise this course, with each unit including an introduction and unit objectives, reading/viewing/listening assignments, questions to guide your reading, lesson notes, learning exercises, and review questions.

  • Introduction and Unit Objectives These sections introduce you to the material that will be examined in each unit, and gives you a general idea of what you should be thinking about as you progress. Re-reading these sections after you have gone through each unit will reinforce the material.
  • Reading/Video/Audio Assignments These assignments comprise textbook chapters and links to online media and that cover into the various topics found in each unit. In order to get the most out of these assignments, they are best looked at before delving into the lesson notes.
  • Questions to Guide your Reading These questions are not intended as an exhaustive list; they are simply a useful check on whether or not you have grasped the main points within each reading. As you complete the relevant reading, note the sections that pertain to each question.
  • Lesson Notes The lesson notes offer in-depth commentary on the reading/video/audio assignments and elaborate on the questions posed in the each unit’s introduction. The lesson notes also give further insight in the context, trends, and importance of OHS.
  • Learning Exercises The learning exercises have you research, question, and think about specific examples of OHS scenarios and then relate these examples to your own knowledge and experience and/or what you have already learned throughout the course.
  • Review Questions Upon completing the study activities in each unit, you are asked to answer several questions that relate back to the material. Answering and completing ALL of these questions will greatly enhance your understanding and appreciation of OHS, and will help you immensely in doing well on your written assignments and your final exam. Remember that answering these questions in complete sentences/paragraphs will aid you in crafting organized, critical responses.
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