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Unit 1 Self-Test: Background and Key Social Psychological Theories (Chapters 1 and 2)

Basic social psychology is defined as the scientific study of the way people’s ________ are influenced by the ________ presence of other people.

  1. thoughts, feelings, and behaviour; real or imagined*correct*
  2. thoughts and self-worth; real
  3. behaviour; imagined
  4. behaviours; real

According to the text, which of the following is an important value that guides scientists in their research?

  1. Skepticism*correct*
  2. Dogmatism
  3. Subjectivity
  4. Standardization

What feature of applied social psychology in particular sets it off from its parent field, social psychology?

  1. Design of intervention strategies*correct*
  2. Blend of science and nonscience
  3. Concern with the practical
  4. Emphasis on problems

Not all social influence is direct or deliberate. Which of the following scenarios is the best example of more indirect or subtle social influence?

  1. A political candidate delivers a speech to convince voters that she is not really liberal.
  2. A student is exposed to new ideas in his courses and rethinks his original attitudes.*correct*
  3. An advertising campaign is launched to promote a new soft drink.
  4. A parent disciplines his child by taking away her favourite toy.

In arguing that American psychology should become less American, Arnett (2008)

  1. observes that the American population represents only about 5 percent of the world population*correct*
  2. estimates that only 5 percent of American research findings would replicate in third world cultures
  3. reports that only about 5 percent of studies published in American journals involve non-American samples
  4. estimates that only about 5 percent of American psychologists would acknowledge the limited cross-cultural generalizability of their research findings

According to the textbook, decisions about whether to implement affirmative-action programs frequently involve a clash between which two personal values?

  1. Control and freedom of choice
  2. Merit and freedom of choice
  3. Control and equality
  4. Equality and merit*correct*

The theory of planned behaviour allowed researchers to better understand conflicting results from prior research. This served which function of a theory?

  1. Organization*correct*
  2. Intervention
  3. Description
  4. Direction

Although social psychologists focus primarily on social influences on people, they must also always be aware

  1. of the impact of different situations on people
  2. of the role of personal determinants of behaviour*correct*
  3. of the importance of cultural determinants of behaviour
  4. that explanations stemming from the more basic sciences supersede those from the social sciences

The first step of the scientific process is

  1. designing a research study
  2. creating a hypothesis
  3. developing a theory
  4. observation*correct*

In a situation where you tell a lie with very little external justification, according to cognitive dissonance theory, you are most likely to

  1. feel guilty because lying is wrong
  2. apologize and tell the truth to reduce feelings of guilt
  3. the truth the next time you are in a similar situation to make up for lying in the past
  4. convince yourself you were not really lying by changing your opinion regarding what you did lie about*correct*

Although Kurt Lewin is credited with creating the foundation for applied social psychology, it took some time for this branch of psychology to really take off. What factors/events led to an initial public interest in applied social psychology, and what factors/events stalled its “taking off” for over two decades?

Differentiate between inductive and deductive reasoning. At what stage in the scientific process would each type be used? Clarify the difference between the two types by giving an example of when you have recently used each type for reasoning in your daily life.