Open Access
UNESCO and AU's Media and Information Literacy Course


Open Access
UNESCO and AU's Media and Information Literacy Course

Electronic Resources - MediaSmarts has been developing digital and media literacy programs and resources for Canadian homes, schools and communities since 1996. Through their work they support adults with information and tools so they can help children and teens develop the critical thinking skills they need for interacting with the media they love.

National Association for Media Literacy Education - The NAMLE vision is to help individuals of all ages develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression that they need to be critical thinkers, effective communicators and active citizens in today’s world.

CITIZENShift - is a multimedia platform dedicated to media for social change.
Their ever-growing network engages people from all backgrounds to explore and debate contemporary issues, to contribute their own material – and to use media to make a difference.

Intercultural Dialogue Institute - promotes cross-cultural awareness, in order to attain peace and diversity with our neighbors, in order to help establish a better society where individuals love, respect and accept each other as they are.

Council of Europe White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue

ACME (Action Coalition for Media Education) - Free of any funding from Big Media, ACME is an emerging global coalition run by and for media educators, a network that champions a three-part mission: teaching media education knowledge and skills; supporting media reform; democratizing our media system through education and activism.

CISV International is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding.

UNICEF helps governments, communities and parents gain the capacities and skills they need to fulfill their obligations for children. These obligations include ensuring the right of all children to free, compulsory quality education, even during a humanitarian crisis, in the recovery period after a crisis, or in fragile or unstable situations. We focus on gender equality and work towards eliminating disparities of all kinds.

Museums and archives and art galleries have a long history of connecting cultures, bringing together people, art, music, and material objects to show the collective history of humankind. Visit the Smithsonian folkways project

Adbusters (online magazine of the Media Foundation) - is a not-for-profit, reader-supported, 60,000-circulation magazine concerned about the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces. Our work has been featured in hundreds of alternative and mainstream newspapers, magazines, and television and radio shows around the world.

Women News Network - starting from a writing assignment to cover global women’s news for the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2006, founder Lys Anzia saw the vital need to report the many times hard and suffering stories of women. WNN news stories have appeared on UN affiliate and agency publications through WUNRN – Women’s UN Report Network and UN-INSTRAW, the United Nations Institute of Training and Research for the Advancement of Women, UN Women and much more.

Google Groups – a service offered by Google that allows you to create discussion groups, keep records of your conversations, and order them into folders. Google Groups can be accessed from your computer or from mobile devices.

UNAOCYouth (Alliance of Civilizations) - the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations is an initiative of the UN Secretary General, which aims to improve understanding and cooperation between states and peoples of different cultures and religions. In this process, the UNAOC hopes to counter the forces that contribute to extremism and polarization by encouraging dialogue, understanding and respect among people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

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