LGST 489
Alternative Dispute Resolution (OCW)


LGST 489
Alternative Dispute Resolution (OCW)

Study Guide

Unit 12 – The Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Overview, Learning Objectives, and Reading Assignments

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Unit 12 considers the current trends of ADR in Canada and elsewhere, and where it appears to be headed in the foreseeable future. This final unit also suggests ideas about the future effects of ADR on the legal system, on justice, and on society.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed Unit 12, you should be able to achieve the following learning objectives.

  1. Describe some current and future trends in ADR.
  2. Explain how the Canadian legal system has changed and continues to change with the advancement of ADR.
  3. Describe the effect of ADR on societal views of “justice.”
  4. Explain your views on the appropriateness of ADR in the Canadian legal system.

Reading Assignment

View some videos available through the International Mediation Institute: Mediation Podcasts.

Read some blog posts from the following sites: