HADM 315
Health and Community Development (OCW_Rev. C4)


HADM 315
Health and Community Development (OCW_Rev. C4)

Health Administration 315

Unit 5: Doing Things Right—Best Practices and Principles to Guide Development Action (Part I, Principles 1–8)


Welcome to Unit 5 of our course on the theory and practice of health and community development. In Unit 3, we compared community development work to finding ourselves in a swamp, where things are messy and there are no easy, technical answers. We then reflected on the value of having some kind of GPS that would help us locate our current position, and find the best route to our desired destination. The GPS would do this by receiving signals from four satellites: 1) vision, 2) principles, 3) story, and 4) situation analysis. We spent the rest of that Unit learning about approaches to developing a situation analysis.

In Unit 5, we examine eight community development principles that are linked to effective community development practice. Principles are the “how” of community development practice. They tell us how we have to work to get constructive outcomes. If we follow certain principles, they will guide us and ensure the integrity of the change work required in community development. The principles presented in this unit include:

  1. Human beings can transform their world
  2. Development comes from within
  3. Healing is a necessary part of development
  4. Justice
  5. No vision, no development
  6. Development processes must be rooted in the culture of the people
  7. Interconnectedness: A holistic approach
  8. The hurt of one is the hurt of all; the honour of one is the honour of all

The exploration of these principles leads to effective community development practice.