LGST 551
Introduction to Legislative Drafting (OCW)


LGST 551
Introduction to Legislative Drafting (OCW)

Study Materials

Module 2: Section 3


In this Section you have been building your knowledge of how the components of legislative sentences are to be put together. You should now have a clear understanding of the way to approach the task and the questions that you need to consider. You have also been introduced to a range of techniques for expressing their components, in particular the different forms of expression that different types of legal provisions should be given.

At the end of this Section, you should be able to do the following:

  • apply the basic principles of legislative syntax and expression to the writing of legislative sentences;
  • select, compose and combine the components of simple legislative sentences.

Read through the Essential Questions at the beginning of this Section. After reviewing what each one dealt with, ask yourself whether you have met the Section objectives.

Do not expect to be able to remember every detail of the matters just considered. You can always verify those when the need arises. You will find that details fall more readily into place when you have had occasion to put techniques into practice a number of times. At this stage you need to be confident that you understand what you have examined and that you can put that to use in the proper places. If you need to refer back to the text to do so, accept that as the way to make the matter your own. Ask yourself whether you can do what is recommended when you need to and recognise when you need to use particular approaches. If you are uncertain on any topic, rework the relevant part of the text.

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