LGST 555
Drafting Preliminary, Amending, and Final Provisions (OCW)


LGST 555
Drafting Preliminary, Amending, and Final Provisions (OCW)

Study Materials

Module 2: Section 3

When should you work on these provisions?

Most often these matters cannot be accurately determined until the draft has reached an advanced stage. It is only then that you can work out the precise impact of the new scheme upon existing circumstances.

Activity 1

Review again the flow chart on repeals in Section 2 of this Module.

In establishing your work programme for preparing legislation, allocate enough time to:

  • work out which are the matters on which savings and transitional provisions seem likely to be required;
  • consult with your instructing officer as to their purpose and content;
  • draft the provisions according to those instructions;
  • assess the effects of the new provisions on the former provisions;
  • if those provisions lead to results that are unacceptable or fail to cover cases that are likely to arise, work out how to deal with the matter appropriately.


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