English 401
The Faust Theme


English 401
The Faust Theme

Challenge for Credit

This course is eligible for credit upon the successful completion of AU’s Challenge for Credit process.  To receive credit for ENGL 401, please follow the procedures below.

If you are not an Athabasca University student:

  1.  Complete the General Application procedure.
    1. To become a non-program student use this procedure: http://www2.athabascau.ca/students/starter/prospectiveugrad/unclassified.php
    2. To become a program student use this procedure: http://www2.athabascau.ca/students/starter/prospectiveugrad/program.php
  2. Complete and submit the Challenge for Credit registration process. http://registrar.athabascau.ca/challenge

If you are already an Athabasca University student:

Note that all Challenge for Credit registrations are subject to Athabasca University’s Challenge for Credit Policy and Challenge for Credit Procedures.  Challenge for Credit courses do not count towards residency.

Challenge Evaluation

To receive credit for the ENGL 401 challenge registration, you must achieve a grade of at least “D” (50 percent) on each part of the examination.

Take-home Essay (3,000 words) Invigilated Written Exam (3 hours)  Total
50% 50% 100%

The Self-Assessment Exercises and Practice Exercises help prepare students to challenge ENGL 401. The take-home essay portion of the Challenge Exam has the same format and expectations as Practice Exercise 3.  The invigilated written exam tests students' overall knowledge of the texts using short answer identifcation questions, similar to the Self-assessment Exercises, as well as longer essays, similar to Practice Exercise 3.

Challenge for Credit Form