Math Support for Calculus


Math Support for Calculus

Topic outline

  • Description of Modules

    Description of Modules

    The modules in this collection include:

    1. Algebraic Operations
    2. Factorization
    3. Polynomials and Rational Expressions
    4. Radical Expressions
    5. Linear and Quadratic Equations
    Although the modules are sequenced to progress from less to more complex topics you are not required to work through these modules and learning activities in the order given. You can plot your own course through these activities by focusing on those topics in which you are less proficient.
    • Access to ModulesBefore opening the modules ple...

      Access to Modules

      Before opening the modules please review the instructions on how to configure your computer in a way that allows for accurate display of the mathematical expressions.

    • Resources for Developing your Own ContentThese...

      Resources for Developing your Own Content

      These resources include the templates and files that you will need to use to create your own content. You need to download these files and save them to your computer. Once they have been saved you can begin to enter content. Instructions on how to enter content for the xhtml/html and xml files are provided as downloadable PDF files.

    • Your Feedback...

      Your Feedback

      If you would like to provide us with your feedback concerning these modules please contact Dr. Cindy Ives, Director of Centre for Learning Design and Development at Athabasca University. You can reach her using the following address:
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