Media Development and Production


Media Development and Production

Topic Name Description
Media Production Book Audio Production
This Book focuses on the production of audio files and their use in AU courses.
Book Video Production
Video Production
Able Player Book Able Player

Able Player

Interactive Learning Objects Book AU_Clickable_SVG
AU Clickable SVG is a simple implementation of an SVG graphic that the student can click to reveal more details.
Book AU_Flashcards
AU Flashcards are a simple HTML5 implementation of a flashcard activity. The data structure is the same as Wimba Create's Adobe Flash activity.
Book AU Quiz
We're developing a simple Javascript-based set of self-test questions. So far we have multiple-choice and short answer types.
Book AU Jukebox

This is a simple audio jukebox for jumping to various timecode locations in longer audio files.

Book Rollover Comments
Rollover Comments are much like 'tool tips'. A block of text can have a number of highlighted sections that, when clicked or rolled over, will yield up a comment.
Book Scrolling DIV
This is a simple implementation of a div element that scrolls.
Book Reading Time Calculator

Reading Time Calculator

Book Bootstrap AutoMenu
This javascript creates the menu elements for a Bootstrap page. It collects all of he h1 and h2 elements and configures them for the Bootstrap menu.
Book Professor's Introduction
This is a basic presentation consisting of a photo and an mp3.
Trouble-shooting Book Samples
Sample pages for troubleshooting with external people.
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