Media Development and Production


Media Development and Production

Topic Name Description
Media Player Book Able Player

Able Player

Interactive Learning Objects Book AU_Clickable_SVG
AU Clickable SVG is a simple implementation of an SVG graphic that the student can click to reveal more details.
Book AU_Flashcards
AU Flashcards are a simple HTML5 implementation of a flashcard activity. The data structure is the same as Wimba Create's Adobe Flash activity.
Book AU Quiz
We're developing a simple Javascript-based set of self-test questions. So far we have multiple-choice and short answer types.
Book Rollover Comments
Rollover Comments are much like 'tool tips'. A block of text can have a number of highlighted sections that, when clicked or rolled over, will yield up a comment.
Book Scrolling DIV
This is a simple implementation of a div element that scrolls.
Book Reading Time Calculator

Reading Time Calculator

Book Bootstrap AutoMenu
This javascript creates the menu elements for a Bootstrap page. It collects all of he h1 and h2 elements and configures them for the Bootstrap menu.
Trouble-shooting Book Samples
Sample pages for troubleshooting with external people.
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