LGST 249
Legal Literacy (OCW)


LGST 249
Legal Literacy (OCW)

Topic Name Description
Page Course Outline and Study Guide

Outline of the course objectives, materials, and components.

URL Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

URL Other Legal Studies Courses

Syllabuses and sample pages from other courses

Study Guide - Units 1 to 8... Book Unit 1: Procedural Justice, Adversarialism, and Legal Literacy

Introducting the concepts of procedural justice and adversarialism and their relationship to the objectives and tools of legal literacy

Book Unit 2: Legal Structures

Structures of law and legal institutions

Book Unit 3: Legal Systems

Systems approach to legal institutions

Book Unit 4: Legal Processes and Procedures

Processes used by legal institutions and the procedures they follow

Book Unit 5: Legal Language

Examining how language is used by legal institutions

Book Unit 6: Legal Research

Skills and techniques for researching law

Book Unit 7: Legal Interpretation

Skills and techniques for making sense of law

Book Unit 8: Legal Communication

Putting research to work in achieving legal objectives.

Resources File Glossary of Legal Terms

Glossary of legal terminology used in this course

URL Legal Dictionary

Duhaime's online legal dictionary

URL Legal Studies Research Guide

Guide to researching law and legal materials from AU Library

Acknowledgements Page Copyright and Credit Information

Copyright and Credit Information

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